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Mr Oliver Eaton

BSc (Hons) Ost Med, PG.Cert


Having performed over 4000 injection procedures, Oliver is one of the UK's leading practitioners in the field of Prolotherapy, with patients traveling to see him from across the UK, Europe, and the Middle East. He first trained in Prolozone and Prolotherapy in America and continued on to complete further injection training with the Royal Society of Medicine, Charing Cross Hospital in London, and the medical department of Heidelberg University in Germany.

Having also completed a 4-year degree in Osteopathic Medicine, Oliver has extensive training in identifying and treating misalignments, imbalances, and areas of inflammation in the body that fail to show up on MRI and X-ray scans. Spending up to 75 minutes during each appointment with his patients gives Oliver the time to carefully identify and treat these issues during the same appointment as the injections. This unique treatment approach significantly enhances an individual's injection treatment results. This enhancement not only accelerates the repair process but also helps to prevent any symptoms from returning. Oliver uses the latest computerised bio-mechanical analysis technology to help identify misalignments and additional areas of inflammation in the body.

Oliver developed his treatment approach through the process of treating his own chronic pain and is committed to making sure that his patients experience the same life-changing effects that his treatments had on him.

During his time practising prolotherapy Oliver has had the privilege of treating many elite athletes, including Olympic and Commonwealth medalists. 

He has been featured in, and written articles for many national and international media and press publications. You can view the publications on the 'Media & Press Coverage' page of our website.