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Non-surgical knee arthritis treatment for pain relief, improved mobility and cartilage enhancement

The need for treatment

Have you been told by your doctor that your only options for symptom relief are painkillers, a steroid injection or a knee replacement? Are you frightened of the growing body of research showing the negative short and long term side effects of these knee arthritis treatment options?

We offer an alternative to knee replacement. A safer and more effective solution to reducing your symptoms of knee arthritis.

Knee Arthritis Consultation and Examinations

  • Full Medical History
  • Full Bio-Mechanical Scan & Analysis
  • Dynamic Orthopaedic Movement Tests
  • Digital Muscle Strength Testing

Knee Arthritis Treatment Program

  • Prolotherapy - Prolozone Therapy
  • Strength and Conditioning - Knee Arthritis Exercises

Prolozone Therapy

In recent years, an advanced form of Prolotherapy called Prolozone Therapy has built its reputation within the medical community for its clinically proven ability to treat knee arthritis and act as an alternative to knee replacement.

Research has proven it’s pain relieving, anti-inflammatory and regenerative benefits for individuals suffering from knee osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

The natural treatment uses an activated form of medical oxygen (medical ozone) and specific nutrients to promote the regeneration and rebuilding of cartilage, alongside other structures within the knee that have suffered degeneration or become painful and weak.

The reason cartilage degenerates in someone with knee arthritis is because it is one of the only structures in the body that doesn’t have a blood supply.

When you cut your skin, it heals over and grows back because it has a good blood supply, unfortunately cartilage doesn’t have that luxury.

Oxygen is the main component within our blood that helps body tissue to heal and regenerate.

The concentrated form of medical oxygen (medical ozone) used within Prolozone has been shown in studies to stimulate stem cell production.

Stem cells are the primary cells the body uses to repair and regenerate damaged body tissue, including cartilage.

The stimulated stem cells are deposited in the form of mesenchymal progenitor cells called chondroblasts, which then convert into chondrocytes. These cells are the pre-curser building blocks of cartilage.

Prolozone injections have shown to not only reduce pain, inflammation and stimulate cartilage growth, but also to repair and strengthen the ligaments within the knee, which have been put under additional strain from the instability that arthritis causes within a knee joint.

This increase in cellular repair activity both strengthens and stabilises the joint as a whole, significantly reducing pain and stiffness in someone with knee arthritis.

Prolozone injections are naturally anti-bacterial, so deemed one of the safest injections on offer within medicine. Its impeccable safety record has been the reason why thousands of doctors and practitioners around the world are now adopting it as an effective, non-invasive alternative to knee replacement surgery.

Biomechanical Assessment and Rehabilitation

An estimated 4.1 million people in the UK suffer from knee arthritis, many of which are under the false impression that the cause of the condition is either genetic or from years of overuse.

In the time we’ve been specialising in knee arthritis treatment we’ve found the majority of cases of the condition to be as a result of a subtle misalignment in the biomechanics of either the pelvis or ankles that negatively influences the angle of the knee.

This misalignment causes either side of a knee joint to become overloaded, eventually wearing the cartilage down on that side. So the cause of ‘years of overuse’ is partly true, but very much due to the overuse of one side of the knee from becoming overloaded.

We use specialist rehabilitation therapy to help correct any misalignments that we identify. This is done during the same appointment as the injections to ensure that the affected knee returns back to experiencing an even pressure across both sides of the joint, compared to it all going through one side of the joint.

Correcting these misalignments can significantly enhance the knee injections ability to reduce pain, improve mobility and halt the progression of the arthritis.

Alongside this, it can also prevent arthritis developing in neighbouring joints such as the hips and ankles.

We use the latest computerised bio-mechanical analysis technology to accurately assess and analyse these misalignments. If any neighbouring joints are also in pain, then we are able to treat these during the same appointment. It is common for the hips, ankles and lower back to be under strain if an individual is having to limp with their knee arthritis.

The combination of the Prolozone knee injections and correcting the lower limb biomechanics can act as an effective alternative to knee replacement surgery.

Knee Arthritis Treatment - Patient Testimonials

What is Knee Arthritis?

With the knee being the largest joint in the body it is also the most complex. It’s functions are to allow the leg to bend, straighten and rotate, helping the ankles and hips to carry the weight of the body. This complexity is the reason why we have taken a multifaceted approach to our knee arthritis treatment program.

When a joint is affected by arthritis, it becomes damaged, painful and stiff. This occurs due to the breakdown of cartilage and its inability to repair and regenerate as efficiently as other structures in the body, such as muscle and skin.

This inability to repair is as a result of its lack of blood supply. As the cartilage wears down, the gap between the bones narrow, causing the bones to begin to rub and form bony spurs (osteophytes).

The knee joint has an inner layer called the synovium, which can thicken and result in excess fluid building up. This is the most common cause of swelling in an arthritic knee. Swelling creates pressure in the knee, which can also contribute to the pain already caused by the friction of the bones rubbing.

Arthritis of the knee causes it to become unstable. The supporting structures of the joint are then forced to work harder to stabilise it, leaving them susceptible to injury themselves. The supporting structures of the knee include muscles, tendons, ligaments and the meniscus. Our knee arthritis treatment program helps to also address problems in these supporting structures.

Knee Arthritis Symptoms

  • Pain
  • Inflammation & Swelling
  • Stiffness
  • Tenderness
  • Cracking & Popping
  • Buckling
  • Locking
  • Grinding
  • Weakness & Muscle Wasting
  • Instability

What Causes Knee Arthritis?

There are many factors involved that predispose an individual to knee osteoarthritis. Much of the population are under the false impression that genetics is the main factor. Research is now showing other factors have more of an influence such as nutrition, lifestyle, body alignment and our environment. An effective knee arthritis treatment needs to take all of these factors into consideration.

Harvard University inspected the skeletons of 1,581 people who lived during the 19th century, and who were aged 50 or more, and compared them to those of 819 similar people who lived in the 20th century. After taking into account age and body mass index, cases of knee arthritis had doubled in the later group, which suggests that something other than age and body weight had something to do with the increase.

The big difference between the two centuries has been the rise of chemicals in our environment, foods and our cosmetics, which may well have more of an impact on the disease than the current culprits that medicine believes are responsible, the researchers say.

Statistics show that knee replacement surgery is considerably less successful than hip replacement surgery, and they only last an average of 9 years. This means sufferers of knee arthritis are desperate to find an alternative to knee replacement surgery. Our knee arthritis treatment program can be used to both treat and prevent the condition.

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